Chairman's Message

The best respected resource of our country globally is quality human resource. We are rated best not only for competence but also in trustworthiness. Thanks to our educational system over the period of history, multi diversity culture, language and mutual respect on religions. The government initiatives to develop competent and quality human resource in every skill area paved healthy competitions in our  institutions that transformed our children to the level above other nationals.

Nevertheless, all our children were not lucky enough to get quality education due to various reasons. Viswabrahmana Educational Trust was formed with a clear vision of joining future India’s mission of developing talents through education and providing equal opportunity to children who need uplift apart from our societal and social commitments.  We are  extremely motivated and determined to continue our endeavor of supporting the educational needs, and reach to the civic society in all possible areas.

I am very glad to have support& encouragement from my society and trust members in widening our scope. I hope to replicate the success which we have had in the past to leave remarkable footprints behind in our journey.

M. Suresh Achary

Our Vision & Mission
Our vision is to provide good quality education that empower each & every student to live their life with dignity and respect that the future society demands. Our mission is to extend our reach beyond to empower, encourage, and equip students to obtain college degree, develop quality skills, attain right attitude to become self-sufficient. We achieve our goal by incorporating besteducational practices in our institution, invest on personal development and involve them in our societal reach programs to practice life beyond academia.  

Creativity, passion and excellence. We discover the hidden genius in every student.


Viswabrahmana community claims descent from the Lord Viswabrahma/Vishvakarma, who is considered by Hindus to be the divine architect or engineer of the universe.  Viswabrahman Educational Trust, a non-profit, non-government organization, was registered under Travancore - Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Socities Registration Act, 1955, with Reg.No. A727 / 99 as social community group. Our Administrative office function from Viswabrahmana college,  Vechoochira, Pathanamthita District, Kerala. Viswabrahman Educational Trust is Chaired by Shri. M. Suresh Achary and Mr. Venky N is the officiating Secretary. The board of directors include 119 members.

Viswabrahmana Educational Trust started Viswabrahmana college at Vechoochira, Pathanamthitta District of Kerala State. Our prime objective was to institute University grade campus, curriculum facilities,  Smart class room, interactive computer lab facilities and eminent faculties so that our students get the best in their academic journey to career mentoring.

Viswabrahmana Educational Trust is influenced by the teaching and philosophy of famous educationalist, scholars, and great personalities.  We strive our best to provide the best of opportunities to the next generation.


  • To establish educational institutions, residential institutions for the students and those connected with the institutions.
  • To train students to be self-supporting in a honorable way to progressive citizen.
  • To promote charitable causes and advance education for the public benefit.
  • To engage in social activities to help, promote uplift the needy and underprivileged.
  • To create the sense of brother hood, co-operation, harmony, love and affection to drive the society in leading content and balanced life
  • To collaborate and organize program for society development, welfare of the women and children.
  • To organize various kind of children welfare programs, activities medical camps etc. To provide free or confessional education to the needy children
  • To organize medical health care centers and organize medi-camps for the needy in the society.